General Presentation Systems

The corporate division of our business grew out of the business relationships we’ve built with our residential clients over the years. Not scared to think ‘out of the box’ or take the road less travelled Cinema Synergy has a proud history of finding innovative and cost effective solutions to many seemingly insoluble challenges. Our willingness to always go the extra mile has served us well, resulting in an impressive resume of successfully completed high-profile projects. Cinema Synergy provides turnkey audio/video/data solutions for shopping malls, retail stores, multiple storey office buildings, up-market car dealerships, places of worship, restaurants and game lodges – to name but a few. Products range from simple 100-Volt-line background audio playback systems, big-screen audio/visual installations for restaurants and sports bars, to fully fledged High Definition video matrix distribution with multiple display points and even Public Address (PA) sound re-enforcement for party venues, places of worship and small/medium-sized auditoriums.

Proper Planning Prevents…..

Cinema Synergy believes in a thorough, hands-on approach, leaving nothing to chance (not if we can help it anyway). Our services package is all encompassing starting with an all-important needs analysis, followed by a well-researched product recommendation and resulting alterations to the drawings and electrical wiring diagrams. Once all the preparations have been concluded the necessary equipment is delivered to site, installed, calibrated and programmed by our experienced & highly skilled in-house technicians. Following completion of the installation, the system is commissioned and formally handed over to the operators by one of the managing members. All equipment supplied by Cinema Synergy is obtained from the official local importers and/or distributors and is fully guaranteed (T’s & C’s apply).

Boardroom Automation

Another area of expertise is that of corporate Boardroom Automation. The primary aim when equipping a boardroom is to assist the host or presenter in staging a successful audio/visual presentation whilst creating a professional look & feel. Key objectives are: reliability (above all), user-friendly interface and invisible installation – the installation has to be absolutely flawless. Visible or exposed cables & power leads are a definite no-no.

Reliability or Liability

In order to ensure reliability and continuity, Cinema Synergy uses products that are well represented and properly supported in our local industry. These products and their respective importers/distributors generally have been around for some time, and as a result, are well-established entities that offer first-rate backup service when required and ensure continuity in their stock holding. To us these are very important considerations, especially in a corporate application. However tempting a discounted special offer from an unknown ‘fly-by-night’ may appear, it is simply not worth the risk.

Whatever You Want, Whatever You Like….

As with all of the other disciplines, the term Boardroom Automation in itself is very broad and the number of possible solutions and component combinations are almost limitless. Requirements differ from client to client and each solution is tailor-made, fit for purpose without losing track of the budgetary guidelines. For some applications a manual pull-down screen, ceiling-mount projector and boardroom table ‘popup’ may be perfectly adequate while other scenarios demand a state-of-the–art wireless one-touch automation system that will control the drapes, dim the lights, activate the motorized projector lift and screen, switch on the audio system, select the appropriate input – all at the touch of a single button–ready for you to professionally deliver the all-important presentation to the delegates that are present or even to those that aren’t, via a Video Conferencing system – read more about this topic on the next page.

Video Conferencing

There has been a huge demand – or at least an exponential growth in the demand for Videoconferencing during the past few years – something Cinema Synergy managed to tap into very successfully.

Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia aptly defines Videoconferencing as follows:

“Videoconferencing uses telecommunications of audio and video to bring people at different locations together for a meeting. This can be as simple as a conversation between two people in private offices (point-to-point) or involve several sites (multi-point) with more than one person in large rooms at different sites. Besides the audio and visual transmission of meeting activities, videoconferencing can be used to share documents, computer-displayed information, and whiteboards.”

Coming Of Age

Even though not a recent development as such, earlier attempts at VC weren’t successful. Picture quality
was poor as a result of inadequate compression techniques and insufficient bandwidth and it really only got off the ground in the mid 90’s in a commercial capacity. 2005 witnessed the first High Definition video conference session – something that is now a standard feature with most manufacturers.


A high-end videoconferencing system and service usually employed by enterprise-level corporate offices. Telepresence conference rooms use state-of-the art room designs, video cameras, life-size displays, sound-systems and processors, coupled with high capacity bandwidth transmissions resulting in unsurpassed levels of realism.

A Powerful Tool

A Videoconferencing system is a hugely powerful communication tool and every single one of our clients that has taken the ‘plunge’ has commented on the positive impact VC as a concept has had on their business – both logistically (less travelling) as well as more efficient communication. One of our multipoint VC users with offices in Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town (which the CEO used to visit weekly) called it “the best investment he had made for a very long time ”

System Design

Designing an audio or audio/visual system – selecting the individual system componentry – may appear relatively straightforward. After all, how difficult can it be? You pick a nice looking set of speakers, combine them with the local distributor’s preferred brand of electronics – which is generally packaged as a combo at a reduced price – and away you go, right?… well, not necessarily. All products – passive or active – have varying timbre tendencies which can be brand-specific, product range specific or even model specific. More simply put: All CD/DVD/BLU-RAY players, amplifiers and loudspeakers sound different from each other and it is important to be aware of these sonic differences as they influence the system’s overall tonal balance. Other variables that impact a system’s performance are room acoustics and loudspeaker positioning – both of these have to be factored in when designing an audio or audio/visual system.

A Perfect Match

At Cinema Synergy we are very aware of the above mentioned variables and we make absolutely sure that system components sonically ‘compliment’ each other. We are meticulous when it comes to the correct loudspeaker layout and we strive to ensure that ‘form meets function’ whenever and wherever possible. If, as a result of specific aesthetic requirements, a situation of ‘form over function’ cannot be avoided we will do our utmost to restrict the sonic compromise to an absolute minimum.

Been There, Done That

It is in this area where Cinema Synergy can draw extensively from the 27 years of industry experience as the above mentioned know-how comes from past experience, some of it admittedly by trial and error, but tried and trusted nonetheless. It’s safe to say that we’ve “been there, done that” and we have the proverbial T-shirt – something which gives our clients piece of mind.



Home Theatre

Some call it ‘Home Cinema’, others say ‘Surround Sound’. Some have a room dedicated to the cause while others integrate it into their living room or lounge. Some invest sensibly whilst others take out a second bond on their home. There are those who ‘enjoy a movie with the kids during the weekend’ and then there are those who live for their in-house theatre. As one of our clients put it: “it just rocks my world!!”

Custom-Designed Home Theatre

At Cinema Synergy we are very aware of the fact that it’s not a matter of one-size-fits-all. Each Home Theatre system is custom-designed and the conception process guided by the parameters of the client’s auditory, aesthetical and budgetary requirements. Other important facets to consider are: room size, the orientation of the room, the acoustical character of the room & the ambient light conditions. Combining all of the above mentioned qualifying criteria provides us with a pretty accurate indication of where we’re heading and enables us to come up with a tailor-made solution that will cover all bases.

Professional Installation, By Professionals

But an accurate design, however important, is only the first phase of the ‘Home Cinema’ project and more is required to pull it off successfully. Now that the right equipment is selected, it must be installed, connected, calibrated and programmed in accordance to the manufacturer’s specifications – this may sound like I’m stating the obvious but you’ll be surprised how often the ‘rules of play’ are altered or even discarded altogether for convenience sake. At Cinema Synergy we don’t believe in taking shortcuts. Equipment is installed to ensure optimum results and we use the right cables and accessories for the job. Keeping in step with the interior design specifications requires that all cables & interconnects are concealed and there are times when even the equipment itself is required to be “heard & not seen”.

Integrated Control System For Maximum Comfort

Now that the carefully selected products have been professionally installed it’s time to dot the proverbial I’s. How about an integrated control system that will enable you to power up the entire system, lower the projection screen & dim the lights – all at the press of a single button…..

Perhaps you want to replace the old couch with dedicated theatre seating – complete with cup-holders! It’s even possible to install a special low frequency ‘transducer’ which is fastened to the frame of the couch. This unit resonates at such an extremely low frequency that the bass is felt rather than heard.

The Ultimate Sensory Experience

Of all the different disciplines our industry has to offer (Multiroom systems, Home-Automation, Stereo systems etc.) there is nothing quite as spectacular as a properly executed Home Cinema. It is the ultimate sensory experience – and all that, in the comfort and privacy of your own home. But hey, don’t take our word for it; give us a call. We’ll gladly design you one of your very own.



A Multi-Room System, sometimes referred to as a Distributed Audio System,enables you to enjoy and control high quality music in different areas of your home. The user has access to different audio sources such as DVD/CD player, radio, satellite television, PC audio or an iPod, and each source can be controlled – for track selection, radio station and volume control – from an in-wall touch-screen/keypad or via remote control. The beauty of a multi-room system is that each room/zone can function independently, giving each individual user total control of what he/she wants to listen to, as well as the preferred level of volume.

Shapes and Sizes

Multi-room systems come in different shapes & sizes, ranging from very basic 4-source/4-zone systems with one-way control (command execution only) to highly specialized flexible, mega-systems that feature audio as well as video distribution with full Meta Data transfer. These systems offer access to data servers onto which your entire audio and video collection can be stored via full-colour touch-screens (in-wall or handheld). Control is no longer restricted to the execution of a command (like play, pause or skip). You can now manage your entire audio & video database, create playlists, select by genre, artist, album, etc., and even view the album or movie artwork on your keypad or remote control display.

To Build or Not to Build

Question: do I have to completely remodel my home if I wanted a Multi-room system installed? There is no doubt that it is much easier to integrate a Multi-room system into a newly built home than having to retro fit one in an existing dwelling. Most importantly, it allows us to properly plan the cable routing and ensure that the control touch-screens and loudspeakers are positioned in the correct places. It is possible however to retro-fit a Multi-room system in an existing home, and there are a number of manufacturers that offer ingeniously flexible wireless systems that require little to no wire distribution. As with most wireless applications however, ‘range’remains a variable and it is most definitely a case of Ts & Cs apply.

In Summary:

If your list of audio/visual wants includes ‘being able to listen to your iPod in the study (skip songs & turn up the volume) without upsetting another family member listening to the radio in the kitchen, or yet another occupant of the same house that is using the DSTV decoder’s audio channels or CD/DVD player…… it’s time for a Multi-room system. We’d be thrilled to help you put it all together.

Home Automation

Home Automation, also known as the Smart Home concept, is best described by the following definition: a centralized control system (wired or wireless) that enables the user to integrate and control multiple electronic applications in the home associated with everyday living.

Total Control Of All Electrical Components

If we unpack the above mentioned statement and apply it a little more specifically it would be this: a Home Automation system allows you to control (activate, deactivate, access, adjust) different electrical components in the house such as lighting, security system, centralized air conditioning, curtains & shutters, the irrigation system, pool & jacuzzi pumps as well as automated garage doors and gate motors.
In fact, anything that is controllable (either via IR or RS 232) or has a relay in its power-supply circuitry can be controlled or at least switched on and off. Control commands are executed either from wired in-wall keypad/touch-screens or via wireless handheld/tabletop remote devices (or a combination of both).
The three primary applications that are most often integrated into a centralized control system are Multi-room audio/visual, CCTV, and security and lighting.

Automated Security For Peace Of Mind

Automating the security & CCTV system is regarded by most as more than just a ‘nice-to-have’ as it enhances the safety and well being of that which we treasure most, namely our loved ones and our prized personal possessions. The increased peace of mind that comes from being able to monitor the IP cameras in real-time from anywhere in the world, switch lights on and off and close motorized doors and gates is not to be taken lightly.

Smart Lighting For Perfect Ambiance

A ‘smart’ lighting system lets you program (we actually do the programming for you) different lighting ‘moods’ or ‘scenes’, transforming the ambient feel of your house with the touch of a button. Perhaps it is a romantic evening dinner ‘feel’ you’re after or maybe you’re in a party mood. Lights can also be triggered by motion sensors and programmed to come on at varying intensity levels at nighttime. Even in your absence you’re in command as the entire lighting system can be accessed & controlled when you’re away from home. The options are virtually limitless and if executed properly a lighting system is fun and easy to use.

Quality, Expert Installations

A Home Automation system requires careful planning, and excellent communication between the different contractors is required during the building process to ensure seamless interaction of all the different applications – and to prevent unfortunate ‘surprises’ when the time comes for system-handover. Managing a Home Automation project is as important as the conceptualization of the same – something that Cinema Synergy holds in high regard. Site meetings are attended (or called if deemed necessary) on a regular basis, and nothing is
left to chance

Wireless Technology

The question often arises whether it is necessary to completely re-model a dwelling or build one from ground level up in order to automate it – what about a wireless solution? There are indeed some very exciting wireless products out there, some of which we have successfully incorporated in recent Home Automation projects. It is however in our opinion vitally important to have a wired network structure in place to ensure continuation and reliability. There is no doubt that wireless technology will become more accessible and reliable as the two major restricting factors, namely ‘bandwidth’ and ‘coverage’, improve.

Home Automation can be ‘the most fun you’ve ever had with your electronic equipment’. It is trouble-free, easy to use and, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t have to break the bank. So, give Cinema Synergy a call for an
introductory consultation – surely we’re your ‘automatic’ choice?