Home Theatre

Some call it ‘Home Cinema’, others say ‘Surround Sound’. Some have a room dedicated to the cause while others integrate it into their living room or lounge. Some invest sensibly whilst others take out a second bond on their home. There are those who ‘enjoy a movie with the kids during the weekend’ and then there are those who live for their in-house theatre. As one of our clients put it: “it just rocks my world!!”

Custom-Designed Home Theatre

At Cinema Synergy we are very aware of the fact that it’s not a matter of one-size-fits-all. Each Home Theatre system is custom-designed and the conception process guided by the parameters of the client’s auditory, aesthetical and budgetary requirements. Other important facets to consider are: room size, the orientation of the room, the acoustical character of the room & the ambient light conditions. Combining all of the above mentioned qualifying criteria provides us with a pretty accurate indication of where we’re heading and enables us to come up with a tailor-made solution that will cover all bases.

Professional Installation, By Professionals

But an accurate design, however important, is only the first phase of the ‘Home Cinema’ project and more is required to pull it off successfully. Now that the right equipment is selected, it must be installed, connected, calibrated and programmed in accordance to the manufacturer’s specifications – this may sound like I’m stating the obvious but you’ll be surprised how often the ‘rules of play’ are altered or even discarded altogether for convenience sake. At Cinema Synergy we don’t believe in taking shortcuts. Equipment is installed to ensure optimum results and we use the right cables and accessories for the job. Keeping in step with the interior design specifications requires that all cables & interconnects are concealed and there are times when even the equipment itself is required to be “heard & not seen”.

Integrated Control System For Maximum Comfort

Now that the carefully selected products have been professionally installed it’s time to dot the proverbial I’s. How about an integrated control system that will enable you to power up the entire system, lower the projection screen & dim the lights – all at the press of a single button…..

Perhaps you want to replace the old couch with dedicated theatre seating – complete with cup-holders! It’s even possible to install a special low frequency ‘transducer’ which is fastened to the frame of the couch. This unit resonates at such an extremely low frequency that the bass is felt rather than heard.

The Ultimate Sensory Experience

Of all the different disciplines our industry has to offer (Multiroom systems, Home-Automation, Stereo systems etc.) there is nothing quite as spectacular as a properly executed Home Cinema. It is the ultimate sensory experience – and all that, in the comfort and privacy of your own home. But hey, don’t take our word for it; give us a call. We’ll gladly design you one of your very own.